Have something worth repairing?

World Jewellery’s repair experts are able to fix almost any item to such high standards, that in most cases, you will not be able to tell that the item was repaired at all. We know how important your jewellery is to you, so we treat every jewellery repair item like it is our own personal piece of jewellery.

Available repair services include:

  • reattaching and soldering broken pieces
  • sizing rings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • pearl re-stringing
  • polishing to rejuvenate your worn jewellery
  • re-setting or replacing loose or missing stones

Please ask about our same-day service.


                 Appraisals & Grading

Diamond Grading Report

World Jewellery offers appraisal and grading services for both newly purchased items from our showroom as well as our customers’ existing pieces. Our appraisals and grading are all carried out by reputable 3rd party companies – such as G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) – and can be submitted to your insurance company for insurance claims.*

*Always check with your insurance company to see what their requirements are, as policies may differ by company.




Ring Engraving

Capture life’s greatest moments by inscribing them, literally, onto your jewellery.

Engraving can be carried out on rings, pendants, and more.



      Diamond Laser Inscriptions

Diamond Laser Inscription


Protect your diamond with a laser inscription.

A unique code can be inscribed on your diamond in an unnoticeable area. This will allow you to ensure the diamond you are wearing is truly yours, and if it ever gets stolen and recovered by authorities, will ensure the stone is returned to its rightful owner instead of being featured in a police auction.